One of the characteristics of PTFE sheet: insulation performance

The rapid advancement of science and technology has led to a wide range of electrical equipment that is increasingly requiring higher insulation standards. As a leader in the ptfe industry, jinshiling is committed to the development and production of high-quality polytetrafluoroethylene sheet, whose excellent insulation properties are favored by the market.

ptfe sheet, with its excellent insulation properties, plays an irreplaceable role in the electrical field. The polytetrafluoroethylene plate produced by jinshiling has a very high resistivity and a very low dielectric constant, which can effectively isolate the current and prevent short circuit and leakage of electrical equipment. The material is also excellent in terms of high temperature resistance. Even when exposed to high temperatures, it can still maintain its insulation performance.

ptfe sheet

The following are important points to consider when using PTFE shhet:

It is important to ensure that the installation area is clean and dry in order to prevent the impact of dust and moisture on the insulation performance.

Install the plate properly to avoid excessive bending and scratching.

To ensure safe operation of electrical appliances, it is important to regularly inspect the plate for signs of damage or aging.

jinshiling continuously optimizes its production process by accumulating years of experience in research and development and technology. jinshiling’s PTFE sheets not only has excellent insulation properties but also excellent chemical corrosion resistance, mechanical strength and can meet the requirements of a wide range of complex environments.

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