Corrosion-resistant ptfe beaker

Name Corrosion-resistant ptfe beaker
Material ptfe
Specification 100ml
Application Used for all kinds of chemical laboratory equipment

Chemically Resistant PTFE Beakers are isostatically molded from virgin PTFE and machine finished to give a smooth surface for ease of cleaning and to eliminate contamination. PTFE beakers with are virtually immune to chemical attack, only attacked by some fluorine containing compounds at very high temperature and molten alkalis metals.

PTFE beakers  features:

Corrosion resistance:

PTFE beakers have excellent corrosion resistance and can be stored for a long time and subjected to repeated purification of sulfuric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, bromic acid and various organic solvents without alteration. This characteristic makes it excellent for handling various chemical reagents.

High temperature resistance:

PTFE beaker has excellent high temperature resistance and can work for a long time in the temperature range of +260 ° C to -180 ° C. This enables it to remain stable under high temperature experimental conditions, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the experiment.


PTFE beakers have an “ultra-smooth” surface, which makes it adhere to almost nothing. This characteristic helps to reduce the pollution during the experiment and improve the accuracy of the experiment.

Ultra-pure: PTFE

material does not release any ions that may affect the accuracy of the test, thus ensuring the scientific analysis.

Non-toxic: PTFE

has physiological inertia, can be implanted in the human body, harmless to the human body. This makes it particularly useful in experiments involving biological samples or requiring high purity.

ptfe beaker


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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, we can customize pfe products to your satisfaction according to your material, size and process

The maximum size of ptfe molded plate can reach 2000mm long * 2000mm wide * 390mm thick,
ptfe rods have a maximum length of 4000mm and a diameter of 500mm

PTFE is essentially chemically inert and is highly resistant to chemical attack up to its 500º F. maximum continuous operating temperature. As indicated in the referenced PTFE Handbook above, there are a few exceptions including molten alkali metals, turbulent liquid, or gaseous fluorine; and a few fluorochemicals, such as chlorine trifluoride, ClF3, or oxygen difluoride, OF2, which readily liberate free fluorine at elevated temperatures.  Several tables are available on the web supporting appropriate usage of PTFE with chemicals and various concentrations and temperatures. 

We have a set of strict quality testing system, never expected finished products, will be tested and registered, traceable

The general production cycle of ptfe products is about 15 days, and the delivery date can be agreed on for customized products

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