PTFE Rings

PTFE Piston Rings and Guide Rings (Rider rings) for dry-running applications are currently a focal point of technical development.

They significantly reduce a machine’s operating costs and, in today’s increasingly environmentally aware society, make it easier for operators to fulfill stricter environmental legislation.

Piston Guide Rings features

Chemical and thermal resistance
Temperature range from –200°C to +260°C
Suitable for use with non-hard-ened contact surfaces
High bearing capacity, pressure resistance and low wear
No stick-slip, Minimal lubrication required
Extremely low breakaway forces
Large compound selection
Easy installation due to cut grooves

Guide Rings & Piston Rings Designed For Your Application

Compressors operating under full- and low-lube conditions
Gas rotary pumps
Expansion machinery
Liquid gas and vacuum pumps
Rocking piston pumps
Rotary compressors for loading/unloading of silos
Generation of oil-free compressed air for the
food processing industry, pharmaceutical industry, and dentistry
Compressed air for the craft and do-it-yourself market
Pneumatic hammer drills
Automotive technology, including ride leveling
and air-conditioning systems

Guide Rings Material Selection

Material NameCompound %Main PropertiesColor
PTFE/Very low coefficient of friction and excellent chemical resistance.


FDA approved.

Glass Filled PTFEUp to 40%Improved ware resistance, compression strength, creep resistance, chemical resistance. Good performance in oxidising environment, good creep resistance.White cream
Carbon Filled PTFEUp to 35%Improved electrical and termal conductivity, resistance to load, low coefficient of friction in dry, water, steam applications, chemical resistance. Superior ware resistance increase and low friction properties.Black
Graphite Filled PTFEUp to 25%Improve wear resistance, decrease friction and increase sliding properties against soft metals- chemical inertness. Improve the temperature resistance in some way.Black
Bronze Filled PTFEUp to 60%Improved compression strength, wear resistant, high thermal conductivity, resistance to abrasion. Reduced chemical resistance.Dark Brown
Molybdenum disulphide(MoS2) Filled PTFEup to 5%Increased PTFE properties of hardness and wear resistance. Increased sliding properties and decrease friction.Blue azure
PEEK Filled PTFEUp to 20%Increased thermal resistance, sliding properties, surface hardness. Superior properties on dynamic applications.Light Brown
PEEK/Excellent mechanical properties including strength, rigidity, impact resistance, low wear rate and low coefficient of friction, retained over a wide range of service temperatures.Light Brown
PEEK compound/Improves technical and chemical properties like deformation under load, wear resistance, thermal expansion and electrical conductivity./
PVDF/Resistant to UV radiation and offers high mechanical strength and abrasion resistance.Beige
PCTFE/Better mechanical properties than other fluoropolymers, low permeability.Translucent
PFA/Excellent chemical and temperature resistance, electrical insulation and excellent processabilityNatural

best PTFE Guide Ring Manufacturer & suppliers

We supply the highest quality PTFE guide rings and piston rings for several different industries. We also offer custom designed materials. You can also get free samples of PTFE rings or fluoropolymer parts from us. Our ptfe piston rings have the following characteristics

Improved Wear Resistance
Effective Sealing Capabilit
Chemical Resistance
High-Temperature Stability
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